With years of mechanic experience, there isn’t a clunking, banging, or whirring sound we can’t fix.

Light Carpentry

Whether it’s a fence that needs mending, a deck that needs to be resurfaced, or baseboard that needs to be replaced, let us deal with the dust.

Computer Networking

Computer virus? Need a software or hardware upgrade? Computer running slow? No computer problem is too big for us!

Light Electrical

We can fix your hard-to-reach lights or outdated outlets. Or maybe you want a fan installed in your living room for those hot summer days.


With years of drywall experience, we can fix that hole in your wall or water damaged area.

Appliance Repair

We can repair washers that are leaking or dryers that aren’t drying. And don’t forget to check your dryer vents! They can cause a fire without regular maintenance.


From weathered deck to nasty wall paper, we will give your home or project new life!

Light Plumbing

If you have a leaking faucet, toilet, shower, or tub, then be careful, that can turn into something nasty! We can fix that.